Matrix Marketing & Management.

Business Improvement Training and Consultancy

Matrix Marketing & Management is a business improvement organisation, providing advice, solutions and training to help you improve all aspects of your business.

Our philosophy is to “keep it simple.” We don’t believe in blinding you with science or jargon. Our starting point is that you simply want to achieve more success for your business, which means:

1. Selling more goods and services and/or
2. Reducing your costs

We work with our clients to diagnose the areas of inefficiency or poor performance and then develop and deliver the solutions to required create real improvements.

Our role as independent business consultants is to help you to plan, select and deliver the best solution to fit your business needs, not to “sell” you a pre-packaged solution. However our organisation is extremely biased in 2 specific areas. We firmly believe:

1. The people within a business are its most valuable assets.

2. The Internet is an extremely important business tool for all modern-day companies.

Our solutions and training are therefore designed to ensure your company gains the maximum benefit from the performance of its managers and staff members and the low-cost use of technology. Whether you want to develop a better marketing strategy, make more effective use of your sales processes, upgrade your customer service skills, improve your cashflow, take your business online or if your simply just want to reduce your energy costs, we can help.

Matrix Blog

  • Business problems? Don't Worry, Be Happy! If you’re ever feeling a little depressed or unhappy, try listening to a song called “Optimistic” by Sounds of Blackness (look it up on You Tube); it does exactly what it says on the tin.   I was listening to the song the recently and pondering on the nature of optimism.  The “glass half full or half empty” scenario perfectly illustrates the power of mental attitude; the same level of l...
  • Free Selling to the Public Sector Seminar, 4th December 2013 We had a great time at the last Selling to the Public Sector seminar  in Leicester on 14th November - excellent and really informative input from our guest from the Procurement Dept at Leciester City Council, a wonderful meal provided by our guests at Shimla Pinks and some really good networking. The next event will be held on Wednesday 4th December, 2013 at Phoenix Centre.  At this seminar we ...
  • 4th November 2013 - The Next Selling to the Public Sector Seminar The Selling to the Public Sector programme for small, local businesses and social enterprises in Leicester continues to roll on... On Wednesday 30th October, 2013, we delivered some presentations giving an overview of public sector procurement, signposting to further (free) online procurement training and giving some tips on how to get through the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire stage. The n...