Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Survival Capability

Services are provided by a leading insurance broker who’s approach to risk management and insurance are deliberately different by design – rather than sell you a standard insurance package as cheaply as possible, we believe that the solution lies in; assessing the risks your business faces and then finding practical ways to manage these risks, including the design and implementation of a bespoke solution.

Most businesses view insurance as a ‘necessary evil’ with many opting for the cheapest solution. Too many companies buy, or are sold, insurance cover that in the event of a serious claim proves to be inadequate and can jeopardise the viability and survival capability of your business.

Consider that 67% of all businesses that suffer a major loss cease trading within 2 years of the incident. The reason this happens is simple – cover is judged on the wrong factors. To decide purely on cost rather than value is a false economy. Whilst it is very tempting to accept the perceived lowest cost option, rather than ensuring the insurance programme delivers true survival capability, unfortunately, the difference may not be apparent until there is the need to make a claim.

Gold Standard Chartered Insurance Broker

You will have complete confidence in the knowledge that you are being protected by independent professionals whom are focused in providing you with cover to protect your business. With only 70 registered brokers in the UK accredited to carry the Chartered title, you can be assured of top quality protection.

Whilst cost is a deciding factor and cannot be ignored, adequate cover is vital and often getting the right protection does not mean paying more.

Balance Sheet Protection Planning – tailored to your specific needs

Our unique approach to insurance programme design involves a ‘Gap Analysis Audit’ utilising our unique 126-point checklist. Culminating in a report that measures your existing insurance programme against the criteria of providing ‘Survival Capability’ in the event of a major loss.

The focus of the Gap Analysis is to thoroughly assess your business to clearly identify and define the risks faced, allowing us to correctly understand your business and appetite to risk. We can then design an Insurance Programme that when called upon will deliver speedy and full settlement of claims.

We concentrate upon protecting the assets of your business, the income and ensuring it is future proofed against serious loss. We constantly look to reduce risks to your business to ensure that the money you invest in risk management and insurance protection provides real value and balance sheet protection.

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