Miscellaneous Services

Here at Matrix Marketing & Management, we like to “stick to the knitting” and do the things that we know how to do well.

Our service portfolio is mainly focused on:

Main Matrix Marketing & Management Services


Miscellaneous services
  • Business Strategy and Planning – helping you to envision and develop a long-term growth strategy for the business and creating a workable plan to meet your objectives;


  • Sales and Marketing – helping you to devise ways to improve how you communicate with potential customers, so that you can generate more leads/enquiries and then successfully transform these into new customers. As well as offline marketing strategies, we are specialise in helping you develop a much stronger online presence and creating successful marketing strategies in the increasingly important mobile marketplace.


  • Customer Service – helping you to keep your customers. By treating your customers well, you can create long-term customer loyalty; by creating customer delight, you can create an army of advocates for your business, who will act as un-paid marketers for your products and services.


  • People Development – helping you to develop the most important asset in your business – your staff. Staff development programmes, team leading, management training and coaching are all crucial to the creation of long-term, successful, growing business.


We think that we’re great at what we do.  However, we can’t do everything and we recognise that business-owners also have a wide range of other requirements that could be essential to the growth, or even just the survival of your business.  That’s why we are always looking to work with high quality, trusted partner organisations who can deliver specific services. Some of the services we offer through our partners are as follows:







For more details about any of these services and the partners we use to deliver them, just click on the relevant link.

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